Shop Space, a Raleigh based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, offers classes and workshops in welding, forging, jewelry, knife making and more. Serving the North Carolina Triangle area craft community with workspace to build, create, learn, Shop Space can provide a unique opportunity for anyone to learn a new skill, and possibly even a path to self-employment.

Learning a new skill like welding, electrical wiring or plumbing allows anyone to experience the pride that comes with creating or fixing things with their own hands, and the necessary “education” to earn a good living.

“If you teach someone HOW to fish…they will feed themselves AND THEIR FAMILIES for a LIFETIME.”

Volunteers at Shop Space also provide small business counseling, for those who have the goal of owning their own business. In addition, volunteers assist students in finding appropriate mentors, who will provide invaluable education from personal experience, and who will hold the student accountable for taking the next steps in their entrepreneurial journey.

If interested in learning more, contact Lucas House (co-founder) at 919-345-6359.

Please consider a donation of your time or resources to Shop Space! Gift certificates are available!

Let’s build something…INCLUDING OUR COMMUNITY…together!

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