WORLD’S GREATEST T-SHIRT!  Maybe not, but it’s gotta’ be in the Top 10, right?

Nothing brings to mind your time at NC State University better than that ICONIC PE 100 T-shirt. Heavy duty but soft, right? And broken in because you know it’s been worn and washed a million times. I remember a bunch of students at State wearing these shirts to class every day. That’s the only shirt they’d wear!

They used to sell them at the NCSU Bookstore, but not any more.  And finding theses great tees today is almost impossible. But THOMAS BILT has the rights to sell the original NC State University PE 100 T-Shirt.

Here is your best chance to WEAR THIS ICON!  We have a MAD number of shirts in stock and need to reduce inventories.

Of course, all tees require sales tax and $4.95 for shipping & handling. We only ship to the United States, lower 48 states.


Okay, where did the new sale price come from? Over the summer, I went to my favorite fortune teller to ask her the outcome of the next NCSU-UNC football game. Madam Wilk predicted, “ UNC will LOSE to the Wolfpack 17 to 45.”


Do you want a YEAR printed on your shirt?  Back in the day, EVERY PE 100 tee had a date, but these days folks really don’t want to give away their true age.

Anyway, we’ll add any year to your tee for a nominal fee of $5.00. Just let us know what year you want.

Right now, the years ’74 and ’83 seem to be the MOST popular.

Durable 90% Heavy Cotton, 10% Polyester Shirt.  So comfy and so durable!

Wear an ICON!

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