If you ever attended N.C. State, and took any PE classes held in Carmichael Gym, you remember this T-Shirt.  Many of us had this shirt issued to us, when we attended the required “PE 100” class…and first sweated in one of these while doing our push ups, pull ups, sit ups or during our first required laps around that outdoor track.

All shirts have the “L” on front (as pictured), and are NOW available in ALL sizes!


We apologize, but we have SOLD OUT of EXTRA EXTRA LARGE (XXL).

Please specify your desired size on your order.

Also, we can add numbers on your customized T-Shirt order. The years ’74 and ’83 seem to be the MOST popular. Just let us know what year you want, for a nominal fee of $5.

Durable 90% Heavy Cotton, 10% Polyester Shirt.  So comfy and so durable!  Wear the ICON!


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